Integrity In Our Government

Are you tired of reading about corruption in our government?  Tired of the endless scandals?  Tired of the dysfunction in Washington and Columbus?  If you are, join Bill Patmon, a leader who has served this community for over 30 years with integrity and honesty.  

Ohio law prohibits persons convicted of certain offenses from serving in office.  See Ohio Revised Code 2961.02.    Extortion, theft in office, and criminal conversion are crimes that disqualify a person from serving in office.   The people of Ohio, through their elected representatives, passed this law because our government works best when our leaders work for the people and not for personal gain.  Too long have we tolerated corruption and dysfunction in Washington and Columbus.  Our families, children and schools suffer when our government is broken.  We cannot afford more corruption and embarrassment of our hometown by sending individuals to Columbus who don't share our values and don't conduct themselves with integrity, honor and loyalty.  

I am asking you to join me.   I have earnestly and forthrightly represented the people of our community in a manner that has and will continue to make you proud.   We must leave a legacy of good and effective government, integrity and honesty for our children and future generations.  

Please join me and vote Bill Patmon for Senate (D-21).