for Ohio State Senate (D-21)


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Cleveland's Plaindealer news editorial endorsed Bill Patmon for the Senate in District 21.   (Click the Editorial link to See the Full Endorsement).  The  Plaindealer stated that Patmon is a "steady voice for his constituents."   Patmon has been a steady and strong voice for us for many years: 

  • For women:  Patmon sponsored and passed a breast cancer law to help women suffering from breast cancer and fought for more women workers on the  construction of the Rock Hall of Fame resulting in a significant increase in women on that project
  • For minorities:  Patmon has fought for and won one of the largest increases in minority and women jobs and work in local and state contracts and jobs
  • For our children:  Patmon has sponsored and fought for our children by requiring mandatory safe storage of guns and for identifying marks and colors on toy guns to keep our children safe.
  • For our community:  Patmon has sponsored and fought for legislation to address corrupt home contractors who rip off families and homeowners with shoddy work and excessive charges
  • For reasonable, safe gun control:  Patmon has sponsored and fought hard to ban bump stocks, require mandatory safe storage of guns  
  • For our pets:  Working with Dick Goddard and others, Patmon sponsored and fought for the passage of Goddard's law, which makes animal cruelty a felony in Ohio 


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Patmon's Record of Accomplishments 

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On the Child Access Prevention Bill (House Bill 563):

"The incident in Chardon, the individual picked the gun off the workbench-allegedly-and went out and did the deed. I think there should be some responsibility for gun owners and safely storing their guns and some penalty if they're negligent in storing it."  (Fox 8 Cleveland Story on gun control bills)